The Indigo Advantage

How we are different

The Indigo Advantage is our 11-point plan to make things happen for you. It includes:

  1. Speedy, responsive and convenient service—we will always return emails and phone calls promptly, and keep you in the picture
  2. A strong focus on your objectives—we work with you to clarify your needs, define your objectives and establish quantitative and qualitative success measures, then design processes to achieve those objectives
  3. Active partnership—we seek to understand your business or organisation, and add value wherever possible, including networking and marketing for you
  4. The best people and ideas—we have an active program of knowledge accumulation, research, thought leadership and professional membership and development to ensure that we can bring the best people and ideas to you
  5. Rigorous project management—we deliver projects under formal project plans, manage within agreed timelines and budgets, regularly debrief, and evaluate impact to demonstrate results
  6. Practical recommendations—all our recommendations pass the ‘real world’ test before we present them to you; and we structure them to give you early wins as well as long term value
  7. Challenge, inspiration and encouragement—we want to help both you and your business or organisation move to the next level
  8. Managed, sustainable change—we support you in implementing project outcomes and integrating them into your business or organisation to achieve substantial, decisive and lasting improvements in direction and performance
  9. Assured quality—before you see our work, we pass it through a rigorous quality control system that complies with ISO 9001:2000
  10. Long-term value—we aim to provide high impact, world class advice at a fee that enables you to realise a substantial return on your investment
  11. Flexible fee structures—while we generally work with value-based, fixed fee arrangements, we welcome risk-reward sharing and retainer arrangements

If you would like to experience the Indigo Advantage, please contact us.